Seasonal Registration Fees & Coaches Fees

  • $155 Registration – no refund unless exception is made by the Academy Director, includes $10 goalie training fee.
  • $165 Coaches Training Fees (this can be broken into 3 monthly payments)
  • $65 Uniform – includes two jerseys, shorts, socks and one practice shirt
  • $10 Field Maintenance Fee per player, per season (for space to train at the complex & covers the additional wear & tear on the fields.  It does not guarantee lights)

Tournament Fees & Per Diem

  • Any tournaments attended by the team will be additional cost to the above Registration & Coaches Fees, this includes coaches travel expenses.
  • Every player on the team will be required to pay their share of tournament fees & coaches per diem, even if the player does not attend the tournament.

Updated January 2019