Each team is guaranteed 6 games per season but can play up to 8. This does not include tournaments, which most teams attend 1 or 2 per season.

Saturday, March 18

Monday, February 20

The first two weeks of practice are used as an evaluation period to evaluate players and place them on teams. There are no set rosters and players can be moved from one team to another at any time by the coaches.  The players are placed on teams with other players of like skill and ability.

No, the games are on Saturdays and Sundays.  On Sundays, kick off time will not be prior to 12pm.

Not always, but there are times when your child could play on a Saturday and Sunday of the same weekend!

No, the kit can be bought at Soccer USA and is around $60.

You should register right away!  Our hardworking coordinators will start forming teams and rosters as soon as players start to register.  The longer you wait to register, the greater the chance of not being placed on a team.

NOKC offers each team a set 1.5 hour time slot twice per week.  The practice times are either 5:30pm-7:00pm OR 7-8:30pm.  All coaches should submit their request using this link as field assignments are on a first come first serve basis!

There is $135 per season registration fee that must be paid up front. There is also a $50 per month training fee for coaches – this is considered a 3 month season so the coaches training fees will be $150, you can pay the lump sum or monthly on these. These costs do not include tournaments – which usually run about $40 per player per tournament.