Kidsafe – Lanyards

Our commitment is to provide the safest possible environment for each player. A place where every parent, player, coach, administrator, and volunteer work together to ensure the safety of all players.

Our coaches are essential to the game of soccer. They teach players skills, good sportsmanship, and teamwork, but also have responsibility to help make the environment safe.

To ensure the safety of both the children and volunteer coaches, each approved coach & assistant coach must wear a lanyard with a picture ID created by NOKC at every game. This is a new policy to increase safety for the players and easily identify who should be coaching and who should not.

Each team will receive 2 lanyards. 1 for the head coach & 1 for the assistant coach.

Failure to wear & present your lanyard at every game will result in an immediate forfeit.

Here are the steps each coach & assistant coach needs to follow in order to receive a lanyard:

  1. Register – On the home page of the website ( click on “Coaches Registration” on the lefthand side of the page.
  2. Upload your picture to your coaches profile.
  3. Complete your background check in your coaches profile (must be done once per year).
  4. Attend the coaches meeting.

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